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This time I’m voting

As you know by now, AEGEE-Europe is a part of the “This Time I’m voting” campaign. Volunteers are trying to get young people more involved in the European elections (23-26 May 2019) and encourage as many of them to vote.

“It’s up to you!” Conference on 7th of May is an opportunity to express your ideas on youth participation matters through panel discussions, workshops and presentations. This conference is part of the project “Why European Parliament” (Y.E.P. 2.0)  and is made possible with the support of the European Parliament.

Europe Day, held on 9 May every year, celebrates peace and unity in Europe. The date marks the anniversary of the historical ‘Schuman declaration‘. The fun part is that you can celebrate this big event in Romania with the other AEGEEans at the Spring Agora Bucharest 2019 (8 – 13th of May).

The fair hosted by Spring Agora Bucharest on 12 May 2019 is built around this campaign in order to inform people about the importance of voting in Europe.

The platform was launched by the European Parliament and it supports a great amount of volunteers in all member states who are committed to persuade people into voting in the European elections 2019. In order to appeal the young voters, they organise events and use social media channels to promote the “This Time I’m voting” campaign for European democracy. They discuss issues that matter about the future of Europe and bring people together to see the outcome of the elections.

Our mission is not to tell people who they should vote for, it is to promote the act of voting itself, the act of doing that in a conscious and previously informed way. We want to improve the power of human interaction and build a community of supporters across Europe to stand up for voting and democracy in Europe. Together we can decide what kind of Europe we want to be a part of.

Even though “This Time I’m voting” campaign is not that visible in Romania, young people are more attracted to the idea of applying and eventually vote for Europe and democracy.

This time it’s not enough to hope for a better future: this time each and every one of us must take responsibility for it too. Believe in the power of your vote!

If you want to be a part of the “This Time I’m voting” campaign, apply here:

For more information about the European elections:

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