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Local Training Course – LTC

It’s an internal project, exclusively dedicated for the members of AEGEE-Bucuresti. LTC takes place every time after recruitments in a weekend and we all leave Bucharest.

It’s the moment when the newbies establish a deeper ideea about AEGEE on a local and European state. They meet older members share their experiences.

In LTC the new members will receive task related to every department, in this way they have the chance to see what they like and feel like it’s the beast for them in the future projects.

The Power of Words

This is one of the project of AEGEE-Bucureşti that wants to makes people aware of how powerful the words that they use can be in your personal life but also in your professional life.

The power of words can help you get opportunities and the job you want.

Who am I

It’s a project that is destined for members of AEGEE-Bucharest, which aims to increase the level of self-knowledge and awareness of the relationships with the people around them. Within a day, about 25 members of AEGEE-Bucureşti benefit from a series of non-formal activities that will induce inspiration and self-awareness in the relationships in society, completed with feedback provided by both specialists and between them.


Training for Trainers

Training 4 trainers aims to familiarize the participants with the methods and practices used in international training courses and also to evaluate the results obtained from them. The participants took part in the public speaking workshops, the structure and organization of training and the promoting process.

Summer University

It included fairs, conferences, workshops, screenings, photography exhibitions and foreign language promoting in order to overcome the linguistic, conceptual, social and cultural barriers and promote the European culture in the context of the enlargement of the Union and the instigation of a spirit of intercultural cooperation.

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