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It’s up to us


We live in communities. We’ve huddled together in these groups of people living in the same sort of shared geographic space and we’re living at a time when technological advancement, in a time where we are increasingly globalized and at a time where we are increasingly disconnected from each other.

We don’t often pay attention to those local public policy decisions that affect our lives much more immediately and much more profoundly.

What’s missing in our local communities is an independent sector, that’s filled full of individual volunteers and nonprofit organizations who are associating together for the public good and filling those gaps in our societal compact, the ones who are doing what needs to happen in order for needs to be met, dreams to be realized and for our entire community to move forward.

We live in groups of people sharing this geographic space, but we have an opportunity to do more. We have an opportunity to connect with each other to create something better and bigger than ourselves and to become part of something that we all believe in, that creates a bright future for all of us.

Being civically engaged means that your actions are informed, committed and constructive and that they benefit not only you, but also your community. There are a lot of ways for you to be civically engaged: you can serve or volunteer with a community nonprofit organization, governmental agency or public school. You can take a service-learning or community based research course. You can even recycle and be aware of the impact that plastic products have on the environment.

Through civic activities, we gain skills in communication, planning, decision making, leadership and other areas. Being civically engaged can give us a sense of identity, meaning direction and purpose.

So if you’re not already taking an active role in your community, it’s up to you to think about it and seek out the ways to get involved. Doing so may help you be successful in college and beyond

Civic participation is the way we involve ourselves within our community. The degree to which we engage ourselves relates to how much we make a difference in the lives of those around us. It is active involvement that focuses on the common good.

The civic engagement is more than just this voting that we used to think about. The civic engagement at its core really is the most important factor in making communities work. Everybody should be a part of it, making bold decisions and working on those things that matter most.

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