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AEGEE in Europe

AEGEE is one of Europe’s biggest interdisciplinary student organizations, striving for a democratic, diverse and borderless Europe. As a non-governmental, politically independent, and non-profit   AEGEE is open to students and young people from all faculties and disciplines. Founded in 1985 in Paris, today AEGEE has grown to a Network of 13 000 AEGEEans, present in 161 cities in 40 countries all over Europe.

AEGEE Bucuresti

AEGEE-Bucureşti (Association of European students) was founded in 1997 as a part of AEGEE-Europe. Our mission is to create maintain and promote volunteering activities for youth personal development. We encourage people to get informed, to communicate, to have initiative, to have an impact on the local environment but also on the European level.

We work together for a Borderless Europe and a bright youth future because the young people today will be the leaders of tomorrow.


Intercultural Exchange
Intercultural Exchange

AEGEE creates a space for members of different backgrounds to meet and learn about cultural differences, in order to foster mutual understanding. AEGEE supports mobility and encourages young people to cross borders and make new friends, to break stereotypes and strengthen tolerance, respect and solidarity.

Non-Formal Education & Personal Development
Non-Formal Education & Personal Development

AEGEE provides learning opportunities for the development of its members through non-formal education and informal learning. By participating in trainings courses, workshops, and active involvement in the organisation, our members improve their competences (such as leadership skills, communication skills and team management) which will be useful for their future.

European Schools & Training Events
European Schools & Training Events

Most of AEGEE’s training events are organised by the AEGEE Academy, in cooperation with other AEGEE bodies who are experts in certain fields such as committees of project teams. These training events are called European Schools. The events focus on a certain theme or topic, for example project management, public relations or fundraising. During these events, participants get a chance to understand how non-governmental organisations operate, and at the same time develop their skills. Diverse training methods, which include lectures, workshops and case studies, create the perfect environment for fast knowledge absorption among the trainees. Along with European Schools, AEGEEans can also attend trainings and develop their skills at events such as Local Training Courses 1 and 2 (LTC), Regional Training Courses (RTC) and Network Meetings (NWM).


Team Spirit
Team spirit

We are young, dynamic, creative and we work together to bring to life our ideas and projects.

Intercultural Communication
Intercultural communication

We have different cultures, different languages, but we fight together to create a Borderless Europe


Learning from each other, making mistakes and assuming them, repairing them evolving together.


Catalin Avram

President of AEGEE Bucuresti

Teo Mitrulescu

General Secretary

Iulia Simion




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